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Critical Madness : Inhumanised "Putrification Into Absurdity" demo tape

Michel always have their own fresh idea how to create good death metal in morbid and putrid ways. Another bands that his fully fill up with his great idea beside Entrapment are Inhumanised. I dont know how I should say when the first time I got this demo tape from Necrolatry Recs (Thanks Nicholas!)

+ + + +

I put the demo tape into my crusty walkman and I got a little bit confused about the sound production from this tape. The sound really drowned until I take my chances to listen back into high-quality tape player, and its turn very great! Fuck yeah! I need to change my walkman again, its laying in very long time with me. "Putrification Into Absurdity" contains 4 tracks in the veins of old tunes dodsmetall in raw and heavy downtuned sound producing. Simply riff's guitar and without crazy "machine-gun" blast beat its my favourite all of times. Also another credits goes to the tape layout cover, look very simple and there will be huge twisted-raging outer space between old feelings of old school death metal demo. No recommende(a)d tracks seem all the flavor of death from "Putrification Into Absurdity" demo will good enough to listen day by death! 

+ + + +

I would say, this is only the "beginning of death" releases from Necrolatry recs, and I'm waiting the new releases from both of yours!