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Critical Madness : Undergang "Doden laeger alle sar" Full album / CD

I dont know, how much I loved this band since the debut album of "Indhentet af doden". Undergang always stick with their own roots and believed the old formation of death. You know some band when their already releasing their debut album, their probably dont take any chance to go beyond when their started. The formation of stuff release like Demo-Album-Album-Split is casual for me but Undergang totally breakout from this formation and you can see after their releasing their debut album back in 2009, Undergang releasing a demo or we can called it promo, "T.D.O.S" 2011 and another one "Kogt i blod" 2014 after the departure of 2nd album, "Till Doden Os Skiller". So I believed Undergang have their own style and dont follow the trends of living dead releases. 


Lets enter the new and third album from this rotten and filthy death by metal from Denmark. Death Metal without solo guitar and fill up with killer high-climex riff guitar and simply drum beat actually very unique and killer actually in my point of view. Example the first track from this album and rotten credits goes to Eric Cutler with his solo guitar on the ending tracks from this album. For me, I believe Death Metal is a tunes that we playing over and over again, so here, no more issue about who copies who since all the classick-killer riff or song structure already wrote and compose since the early days when terms of Death Metal came out from the grave. We only change its a little bit or recycle with our own styles and if you ask David Blomqvist from Dismember, his probably say that the "bible" Dismember use over and over is from the mighty Autopsy! Listening to second tracks from this album, I can feel the riff guitar from 'Dying Moment" Silent Death. One thing we cant change when listening to Undergang, is the lyrics fully written on their mother of tongue language. I dont understand actually what their singing but fuck yeah Metal music is very unique!  Regarding to sickos rotten sound, the cover arts from this album also look very sick done by D. Torturdod ( v + g ). If you the fans of doomier to the death tunes and who loved skansk beat and probably one of Autopsy fans that waiting for their new releases from Chris Reifert and co, dont take a long times to grab this death by metal master-piece from Dark Descent Recs. One of my favourite release in 2015 on CD. Till doden os skiller!!