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Critical Madness : PATHOGEN "Ashes of Eternity" Full length / Tape

I'm still dig their old release like "Lust of Evil" demo and their debut full album "Blasphemous Communion" year after year and the San Pablo morbid death by metal is back with the new macabre threat and necro-crematory vision. "Ashes of Eternity" album are the new consecrated vomit after the reborn of "Forged in the Crucible of Death" album back in 2012. 

The tape version in my hand right now was unleash by our local label records here, HELLFIRE RECORDS. And of corpse, we already know what PATHOGEN will de-butchered like before! Almost 47 + + minutes of morbid and obscure atmosphere has cherish and vomiting into the death-ground, and a lot of slicing ripping-riff's and re-join by the mid/slow-beat paced to mixed up the creation of "Ashes of Eternity" album. How Willie Desamero growled the carcass voices out from his throat, and how Vic Jarlego blast the snare and put his effort behind his disgusting drum set and the purulent-sound that coming from Jervish Alcos guitar's and Nino Jerome Aranza bass definitely will crack up your dead-brains and the stink smell of death really smelling bad through your journey into the creation "Ashes of Eternity"!

The morbid darkness atmosphere on ""Ashes of Eternity" " album will take you into another dimension of hell, pure evil! and sometimes some track like "Crematorial Destiny" that started with a doom touch / tempo, crunchy-fat tones and dirty skansk D-beat flavor will revel your flesh and the top heavy-notch that coming from the build-up riffing reconjuring the track in very difference way of old death! Just loved the tracks! The final result that coming from "Ashes of Eternity" album will be and turn into the one of the best PATHOGEN release in my side.

Soon, the CD version will available from Old Temple and for those still festering the analog-cassette version can directly get your copies of  "Ashes of Eternity" album from HELLFIRE RECORDS. 

P/S : HELLFIRE RECORDS can be reach via email, just push out your lazy syndrome, open your internet browse and sent your email for more information :


“Morbid way of death, torched in the furnace of dread!  Charred into obscurity, assuring certain demise! Scream your final scream as you’re cremated alive!!”
-Crematorial Destiny-