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Critical Madness : WOMBRIPPER | TORN APART "S/T" Split / Tape

On the frozen fields, we're always like an ever flowing of death....

Russian death metal underground scene develop in pretty fast and move into another interesting phase, a lot of putrefying and horrified Death Metal acts has raised since few years ago. To short of list, there are WOMBRIPPER from Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow stenching rotten death, TORN APART.  I dig the first-two records that TORN APART put on the burial ground before, but this is my first time listening to WOMBRIPPER, otherwise what I know about them, they seem pretty much possessed by the chainsaw-buzzsaw of Swedish Death Metal sounds trademarks. For those reclaims themselves a Dismember's fans, you should check this band. 

Short but total death!

Crushing of Boss HM-2:
Only two song contains from this split tape, but I think it's enough for anyone want to know what Russian Death Metal-Underground look like todays. The split tape starts off with crushing raw-melo death intro by WOMBRIPPER, "Morbid Aberration" may sounde(a)d and delivered tons of 
heavy paced than a demo version. The song atmosphere and this little HM-2 production really dominating the first side of the split and you can listen the punch on-off swicth on the pedal beyond "Morbid Aberration". It's surely orgasm enough for Dismember's loyal maniac. It's good that some bands are still prevails the Swedish Death Metal sound after a years. 

Six-feet-under beyond the raw ugly death:
TORN APART came with a new song for this split. "Depths of Madness" may sounded little bit differences from the first side of the tape in terms of song (slaughtered) and production. It's a raw production and just remind me the "Severed Survival" by Autopsy vibe and feelings. Deep 
growls by Tony and approaching by thick-weird bassline in the mid of the song by Romero really put the awesome arrangements on the song. Mid-paced Death Metal and filthy-moldy riff's will tell ya why I love the band very much and there are a simple-extreme rhythm riff's on the song that fill up on my analog player during the session with TORN APART. 

To wrath it's all, this split tape reveals the great raw production, crushing / filthy atmosphere and cherish the band darkness more. It's really short in terms of song but it's still can satisfied my rotten soul. And two things that I got from this split tape, firstly it's bring me down into Swedish Death Metal era again with WOMBRIPPER and secondly get rotting in depth of madness with TORN APART, and it's just contains pure old-Death Metal flavor straightly from this Moscow stench of death!