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A dirty webzine version of Discarnage fanzine…

The tomb for ugly and filthy ‘old’ DEATH METAL.

Not for the wimp’s!


A dirty webzine version of DISCARNAGE Fanzine. The tomb for old "skansk" Dodsmetall in the raw / rotting / putrid / morbid / obscure / stench / ugly ways of sound's and the gravedigger of DEATH METAL-Underground scene.

Some old-history from the past.
I'm still remember hold my first zine back many year's ago, and I'm totally loved the stink-smell paper of publication that come from the zine. I'm still keep all the zine that I bought during that times (..till today) and many years gone, in the end of 2012, an idea come pop up on my mind to do and publish my own underground fanzine. I started do some homework how to publish a zine and zine like PERANTARA'AN, API, MASSAKRAK are among the best local publication that got me back then. Obsessed by the old style's of zine, my first issue was unleash in the mid. of 2013 and using the old "cut and paste" style that some of the editor using back then (...maybe till now?).

DIS-CARNAGE or DISCARNAGE? I got some email after my first issue out, and I got some question been throw like this, "What the meaning of DIS-CARNAGE / DISCARNAGE ??". To make it's more simple, it's actually the words-play that come from a band's that I'm possessed! Ha!

Why do a webzine? 
Sometime, the existences of the Internet give us a huge benefit's and it's up to you how do you end up using this ugly-technology. Today, we can look so many great social/media platform like Bandcamp, Youtube, Blogspot / Wordpress, old-Myspace or Facebook that help a thousand of underground band's out there to spread their own stuff. It's also the quick-fast platform to communicated with other Deadhead and band's. It's ok for being a old school person but remember you don't lived in "cave-ages" era anymore. Alongside all this "fast-killing" technology I'm still prefer the real format of zine! 

Can we look it's available in underground old school format again?
Of corpse my friend! I'm still loved the real underground format! and paper zine still fvcking rules!!


Only printed zine is fvcking real!!

DIS-CARNAGE #1 / JUNE 2013 : Featured Disobeyed, Deathevoker, Desultory, Rotten Disease, Derangement Project Production, and Johan Jansson / Interment | A5 size / Malay written / 36 pages

DISCARNAGE #2 / 2014 / FIRST COVER EDITION : Featured Funereality, Muntah Darah, Acid Knight, Structure Fire Records, Muaru, Brood Of Carnage, Mental Distortion, Rotgut, Kimar Records and Disgraved | A5 size / Malay-English written / 68 pages

DISCARNAGE #2 / 2015 / SECOND COVER EDITION for Sabah Deathfest series of gig | Only printed in 50 handnumbered of red-ink's copies

DISCARNAGE #3 / 2016 / FIRST COVER EDITION : Featured Galvanizer, Insinner, Morbus Grave, Wormridden, Dismember, Carnal Tomb, Putrid Yell, Buried To Rot, The Casket, Cryptic Brood, D-Sagawa and Usus | A5 size / English written / 96 pages

DISCARNAGE #3 / 2017 / SECOND COVER EDITION featured Erman "Nuclearhell" from Morbus Grave as a main cover front-pages | Only printed in 50 handnumbered of gold-ink's copies (Click here for free digital version)